Maison Marasil's New Packaging

Maison Marasil's new packaging is so special and unique as its content. Luxurious, original and designed to fit all your needs, this packaging reflects the image and the quality of each brand that is represented in

A) Classical packaging

This packaging is unique. Each project goes into production only once . It is designed by our creative team and we wish to delight you . Luxury and original , award-winning classic package Maison Marasil reflects the image and quality of each brand .

B) Ecological packaging

We, at Maison Marasil , love the environment and want our children to live in a beautiful world with an ecological conscience. For this reason, we support the environment offering the opportunity to all of you , with your purchases, to free choose our ecological minimal packaging made of 100% recycled paper. With every purchase, products placed on the box of your choice, wrapped with special attention and care with rice paper. Our package is available in three sizes .

And once you have received your order, the box is ready to take its place in your home . In the office , saving cd and pencils , the children's room , picking up all these tiny toys that magically strewn everywhere or even in the living room , placing favorite photos .

Greetings card and Gift bags

Now completes your purchase! ... It gives you the opportunity to send, along with your gift, your wishes through a greeting card. Decorated with the shades of, this card completes your purchase and make your gift more unique than ever!

At the same time , along with your gift you can send without charge , your wishes greeting card of our e- shop. The card in shades of Maison Marasil, comes to complete your purchase and make your gift unforgettable . Enter the text of your wishes in a specially designed space that appears while you choose which of the two packs you want to checkout your order !